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Live Fast, Dye Yarn. Bold Yarns, Hand Dyed In The UK.

I am a dyer, knitter and crocheter. I also dabble in other crafts, I will try anything at least once. 
I dye everything at home, in my kitchen, which is convenient for my small family. I do have a dog and a cat. Minky the dog is my little sidekick. I am a one woman show, everything you see is designed and created by myself.

I studied art and design after leaving school, and have always felt the need to create something, but couldn't find my niche. I kind of drifted between crafts.

I started learning to crochet shortly after having my daughter, in 2011. This soon became an addiction, as I am sure you know! I had found my home. 

Crochet swiftly turned into knitting, which is now my true love.

I had been predominantly selling through Etsy since 2015, with 100% 5 star reviews. But I outgrew the platform and felt the need for my own website.

As well as dyeing yarn for general sale, I also do a lot of custom dyeing. Customers ask, and I provide. I also enjoy creating yarn clubs and thrumming kits, as well as the occasional knitting pattern. 


I get around the internet a bit!  Writing my blog, posting on Instagram, and creating Pinterest boards which are useful for fibre artists, including my popular "one skein project" boards.

You can find my links at the top or bottom of the page. You can also find my Instagram by clicking on the (hilarious!) image of me.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me.

My values

I am sure most of you know that 2019 brought a very valuable conversation about the visibility and inclusion of marginalised people in our community. But more than that, it caused people and businesses to step up and be held accountable for their previous and current actions.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram may already know that I 100% fully support this discussion and this work. I was brought up in a left leaning household, and my own values as an adult are no different. I am very vocal about this. 

Yes, I understand that politics can make people uncomfortable, and that some of you just want to relax and knit. But it isn't so easy for a lot of marginalised people to ignore. 

Image of Rox,owner and dyer for Lollipop Guild Yarns.

Yes, I also support Ravelry's latest policy changes. I understand that people have been left feeling pushed out, and I am sorry they feel that way. But I do have to question why someone would fight for their right to hate speech. This is all I will be saying about that matter here. Please do not contact me in disagreement, I don't need to know how individual people feel about this, or that you will never purchase my products because of this. 

No part of this statement is up for discussion (unless I have phrased something in a problematic way). This is a courtesy for customers who are conscious about where they spend their money (on both sides). 

I am an ally. 

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