Free Patterns

I currently offer these knitting patterns absolutely free. There is no purchase necessary, and I do not expect you to use my yarn to create them. 

But if you wish to compensate me for my work, you can buy me a Ko-Fi here. All money donated via my Ko-Fi account goes back into my business, so it is greatly appreciated (I am currently raising money for a new work space).

I am a very experienced crocheter, but I am yet to design any crochet patterns. I do hope to in future, so watch this space.

These patterns are also available for free via my Ravelry store, so please do add your projects to Ravelry!

To download, simply click the black pattern name icon and it should open the file in your chosen PDF viewer.

Ariadne Gauntlet

The Ariadne Gauntlet is an intermediate level brioche pattern, and a nice follow up to my free brioche beginner pattern Slioche Socks. Worked in 2 colours, with what looks like a detailed leaf pattern (but really, it’s incredibly simple!), this pattern gives you a unique look, whilst also giving you brioche increase and decrease experience. 

Just click below to download the PDF.

Backslash Scarf

Backslash is a simple scarf pattern, created for the purpose of using minis. The skills required (besides the basic knit and purl stitch), are increases, decreases and yarnovers. It really is that simple. It can be adjusted in size very easily.

Just click below to download the PDF.

Slioche Socks

The pattern is called Slioche, because they are slouchy brioche socks! It is fully adaptable, to whichever way you prefer to knit socks. If you don’t like my heel style, for instance, you can choose a different one. It is a perfect introduction to simple brioche, no brioche increases or decreases! 

I made this pattern in both toe up and top down.

Just click below to download the PDF.

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