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Drop in and out of my One Skein Wonder yarn club, with this "pay now" listing. I understand that some people's financial situations change from month to month, and you'd rather not commit to getting an invoice every month. So you can simply pop over to this listing when you have the money, and order a one off yarn club (Or pay in bulk for a few months).


One Skein Wonder is a club which I originally ran a few years ago, but I am bringing it back. The idea is that each customer gets something different, as opposed to my Lolli Club, where everyone gets the same colourway.


There are mini skein options, as well as 100g skein options. If you can't get your order just right, please do contact me and I will see what I can do.

Each listing is for 1 month. For instance, if you choose the "3 x 100g skeins", you will receive them all together. If you wish to pay for 3 months in advance, you will need to put 3 separate "100g skein" options into your basket. 



You will be informed of the turnaround time after your purchase and it will depend on the time of the month and how many orders I have to work through. If you order in early August, for example, it should be with you within the month. But if you order in late August, it may roll into my September batch. 


My standard bases are merino/nylon. But please contact me if you prefer something else. 

Please read through the options carefully, there are a lot!

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