Pegasus Mane Hand Spun Sock

This is a special edition, incredibly rare skein of Pegasus mane yarn. 

Hand spun by the delicate fingers of virgins, at the peak of Mount Helicon, and rinsed in the waters of Hippocrene.

This yarn is said to possess mystical powers, and will bring good fortune and protection to those who wear items created from it. 


Lighter than air, and with a spectacular drape, this yarn is the most beautiful yarn you will ever use. It has an unrivalled lustre, which cannot be captured by camera, and is said to spellbind any mortal being who looks directly at it. Stronger than graphine, yet still so soft, this yarn is suitable for socks.


Pegasus mane is obviously hand wash only, but it needs to be washed in the fresh water of Hippocrene in order to keep it's powers. Should you wash it in mere mortal water, the yarn will slowly turn black and bring bad fortune to you and your family until the end of time.

Please do follow the care instructions, I cannot be held responsible for any misfortune incurred as a result of mistreatment of the divine pegaus mane. 


At £100,000, this yarn is incredibly cheap. And you qualify for free shipping.



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