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November 29, 2017

Hello and welcome to my new website! If you have been following my WordPress blog this year, from now on you will need to come here instead of WordPress. I won't be posting on my old blog anymore.

I have imported a few of my most popular blog posts, so you can still find those here. But the rest, including my old yarn club reveals, will be left over there.


The website was designed by myself. I had a little tech/domain support from my very clever friend Linsey at  Tag New Media . But other than that, this is all me. So if you find errors in the website, please let me know because I am in no way trained in web design! There are a few things which don't look great, but can't be edited, such as the Out Of Stock buttons. But I am hoping that issue is resolved eventually. 


There are many different sections on the website. I hope it's simple enough to navigate? I could have gone down the route of keeping it simple, but that just isn't me! I wanted the website to be my hub where people come to find me elsewhere, and where people find out who I am and what I do. And that means I need a lot of information! 

You will find yarn club info, testimonials/reviews, blog posts (obviously!), and I hope to expand my gallery and have a page for finished customer makes! With all these things in mind, if you would like me to put your testimonial on the website, please let me know. And don't forget to tag me in your finished object photos, so that I can add them too. 


The website is going to be different than Etsy in the way my yarn is stocked, and it will also change the way I dye colourways. On Etsy, once a yarn was out of stock you could no longer see it in my shop. This caused me to move on to different colourways very quickly. With the website, I will have certain popular repeatable colourways listed on the site, even if they are out of stock. I'm going to spend some time picking out my favourites; if you have a favourite which isn't listed, please let me know. 

I will, of course, be listing my one of a kind skeins/one off colourways, as well as my patterns (plural because I have more planned!). Also available are yarn clubs, for those of you who prefer not to receive invoices. And coming in early 2018 will be Ready Boxes, which are ready to ship yarn boxes, with the option to peek inside. 


A note about shipping prices. That part of the shop was incredibly confusing to deal with. So there might be some teething problems there! Fingers crossed though!! 


I think that's about everything for now. Please have a look through my website and pick out any flaws that I've missed. I could do with fresh eyes!


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