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Happy New Year, Guys

January 9, 2018




I am now officially back from my extended holiday. I hope you had an awesome Christmas and New Year (If you celebrate them!).

The shop has technically been closed, with no stock, since....forever! Maybe November? But I am ready to restock, as soon as I do a wholesale order this week.


So this year I will be utilising my new website the best I can. I am really excited to finally have everything in one place, and to be able to move away from Etsy. It's always a risky move to give up on something like Etsy, because I was guaranteed spontaneous footfall in my Etsy shop as a matter of course. But I have outgrown it, and am willing to put in a bit of extra work in order to keep sales steady. I hope you all enjoy using the website, I realise that some of you may be more comfortable with using Etsy, so if there is anything you would like me to change on the website please let me know. This is designed to be as easily navigated, for you, as possible.


I have plans for Ready Boxes, which should hopefully go live on the website by February (But I am always behind schedule!). Ready Boxes will be ready to ship yarn boxes, which will sit in stock until they are sold out. They will have themes, and whilst I have plenty of themes planned out, I am always open to suggestions. They are great for when you have a yarny swap, a birthday, or are just feeling like treating yourself. And you will have the option to peek inside the box before purchasing! This obviously brings with it the can of worms that is "Can I swap this for that?", and unfortunately, the answer is likely to be a "no"  at this point, because I will be buying bits specifically for a very limited number of boxes per theme. 


Also coming up, we have Mother's Day. This is all planned out, I just need to make some decisions on how it is going to be executed. They are very different to my usual yarn clubs, and they are very exciting. But they will require some hard work, so I will only be releasing a limited number. 


I will not be doing Valentines this year. I really enjoyed my Romeo & Juliet theme last year, but I don't have a massive amount of time to plan for mid February now. And I don't want it to be a rush job. I should really have considered it in November or December. My bad!


I'm unsure about Easter at the moment. I have only ever done one Easter theme, which was when I was first starting out and it was a collaboration. I feel like Easter is a little bit limited in terms of themes, and I hate doing tired old themes, I like to be a little different. But I will get my thinking cap on and maybe come up with an idea....one which doesn't involve pastels...I don't do pastels!


Also throughout the year, there will be my monthly clubs; Lolli Club and Lurid Minis. I am starting to give out prizes for Lurid Minis projects this month. Behind schedule as usual! But a free month will be going out to Julie-Ann in January! (I haven't actually told her that! Ha! Should do really. But she hasn't noticed that I didn't send her an invoice!).
Lolli Club kicks off this month with Art Club and the theme is Frida Kahlo!  I still have one or two spaces left, and you can buy them via the shop. But I need to close those listings on Friday this week. 


Aaaand a shop update is imminent. I promise. I'm doing a wholesale order this week and will be all systems go for a restock. I plan on dyeing some favourites as well as some new bits. I would really love to get my teeth into the Pantone colour of the year; Ultraviolet. I am super excited, because I am a purple person!


I will stop rabbiting on now! Thank you for reading! Enjoy the new website!



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