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January Lolli Club; Art; Frida Kahlo

February 26, 2018



2018's yarn club got off to a roaring start with Art Club, and the theme was Frida Kahlo. 


Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist, famed for her self-portraits.


Frida's story is a tragic one. She had dreams of becoming a doctor, which were destroyed at the age of around 18, when she was in a near fatal bus crash. Amongst other injuries, she suffered with a fracture pelvis, because an iron rod impaled her. Stuck in bed for over 3 months, she began to paint medical pictures using a special easel. And although this accident created a wonderful artist, she never really recovered fully.


The Yarn.


I chose the painting; Memory, The Heart (The image at the top of the blog post). In this painting you see Frida on the side of a shoreline, stood next to an anatomically correct heart. Also in the painting you see a traditional mexican Tehuana dress, and a school uniform. Frida also has no arms and there is a rod through a hole where her heart should have been. On the end of the rod, there is a tiny cupid.

This picture was painted in 1937 after her husband, Diego Rivera had an affair with her sister. The painting symbolises her heart ache over the affair, and also the helplessness that she felt. It is suggested that the school uniform symbolises the days when she first met Diego. And the Tehuana is the type of dress which Diego preferred Frida to wear.


I have used reds and pinks for the heart and the bleeding. Green for parts of the Tihuana dress. Blues for the sea and sky. And I also used grey to darken the colours and give it a more dramatic depth.



The Extras.


A lovely little Frida badge, in cartoon style.

A colouring page. This is one of Frida’s many self portraits. 20 colouring pencils.

And a flower headband. Frida is famous for her floral headdresses.




I really enjoyed dyeing this club, as Frida is a favourite of mine. I hope those who received it, enjoyed it! February's club is Pop Culture; Kawaii themed and a reveal will be up on the blog in the next couple of weeks. I have also made a reveal video for this club, which I will be posting on Facebook soon.
The next theme for Art club is likely to be Francis Bacon. Although I am thinking of another artist! And the first theme for Science club (March) will be bubbles!! 




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