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February Lolli Club; Kawaii/Pop Culture

March 5, 2018

Pop Culture club for February was Kawaii themed. For anyone who doesn't know, Kawaii is a Japanese culture of cuteness. It involves cute characters, cartoons, colours, fashion, etc. Chances are, you have seen something Kawaii and not even realised it.


The Yarn.


Kawaii colours are generally pinks and pastels, all very cutesy. I decided to go with pastel neons, and a black speckle. The yarn was called Kawaii Syndrome, after a book about the culture, written by Soichi Masubuchi.



The Extras.


I did go a little bit overboard with the extras, because there is just sooooo much to choose from! 

First up, there was a lollipop. This fits well with the Lolita fashion which goes with Kawaii enthusiasts. 

There was also a sheet of cute guinea pig/rabbit stickers. A character badge. And a squishy character. Everyone got a different squishy, as they came in a large pack. 

My favourite extra was the Rilakkuma mobile phone accessory. Rilakkuma is a Japanese cartoon bear. The accessory can be attached to your phone and used to store your headphones! 



I hope you all loved your Kawaii package! If you missed out, I do have one spare (at time of writing this blog), which is on my shop. But it is the last one and when it's gone, it's gone.

Next month's yarn club is the first edition of Sciences, and the theme is Bubbles!!

Watch my social media for updates on the next theme for Pop Culture. I will also be uploading a video reveal on my Facebook.





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