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Mother's Day Box Reveal 2018

March 12, 2018

For mother's day this year, I decided to go all out and do a little "chocolate box"  selection of 10G minis, with a few little extras chucked in. I really enjoyed doing this, so I think it's going to be a yearly thing. 



Each chocolate box contained 10 x 10G minis, hand balled to fit into the little chocolate sections. The yarn was SW merino/nylon sock, as usual!  And the minis should fit well together. 

I went for a mix of solids and variegated, in both bright and classic dark colours.  



I wasn't going to go mad with the extra bits, but I found that there were so many free spaces in the chocolate boxes, so I bought plenty of little treats to fill the spaces. 


The little treats included 2 chocolates, wooden heart shaped buttons, a fruit teabag, a heart shaped bath bomb, and a bead stitch marker (for knitting, apologies if you crochet rather than knit!  I only had rings available). 

Each box was labelled either with the customers name, or "Mum", whichever was chosen as an option on sign up. 



Inside the box, there was also an (slightly humorous) information card about the yarn and extras. 


If you need help finding a pattern for your yarn, I have a Pintetest board for minis and one for single skein projects (which technically this is!).  Although you could pair these with a solid skein of a different colour for a larger project. 


I hope everyone had a wonderful mother's day. And that all my customers enjoyed their chocolate box treat.  

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