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Knackered Psycho And Wool@J13

April 30, 2018

I don't do yarn shows, as a general rule. This is a decision I seem to have made for myself, because I have applied to several festivals and have pulled out (Yarndale didn't even want me though *shakes fist*). I don't really do face to face very well, and anxiety gets the better of me.

Anyway, Clare at Knackered Psycho does do yarn shows, specifically Wool@J13. And she takes yarn from various dyers with her. 

Last year, I dyed Split Personality for her to take with her, and it sold out on the first day. So she came back to me this year to make another order. This year I have dyed several colourways for her. These include Split Personality, a variation on the yarn that I dyed for her Brain Box last year, a set of Betty inspired minis, and 2 new colourways.



Split Personality (above) is an exclusive Knackered Psycho colourway and you can only buy it from Clare. So if you want it, pop on over to Wool@J13. If you aren't able to go, anything that is left unsold at the end of the weekend usually goes on the Knackered Psycho Facebook page for sale.



The other colourways are only vaguely named at the moment! But here they are:



 The one on the left, and the middle one will become colourways on my website in the next update, but if you want any of them custom dyed, you can go through the custom dye listing here. The first one is my favourite! 


As I said above, I also did mini skein sets. They contain Betty and complimenting colourways. Perfect for shawls (can I suggest a crochet shawl pattern from Knackered Psycho on Ravelry?). 


 The second from left mini will be dyed on larger 100g skeins, it's technically Black Betty but without the stripes! (The mini next to the pink is a Betty mini). These minis will also only be available from Knackered Psycho.


If you are going to Wool@J13, please make sure you drop by Clare's stall and take a look at her patterns. She will also have her brand spanking new crochet shawl book available for sale!! And there will be yarn from Unbelieva-wool too. 


If you have any questions about the yarn show, please follow this link, as I am not affiliated with them. And if you would like to ask Clare any questions, you can contact her here.






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