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March Lolli Club/Science/Bubbles

May 4, 2018

Sorry it's taken so long to do this reveal! I have somewhat neglected my blog lately.

So here is March's Lolli club. It was the first Sciences club of the year, and I chose the theme Bubbles! Seems like a simple theme, but bubbles are so important to the world around us! 


Some facts about bubbles:

  • Bubbles are incredibly important because they are part of how the planet works. They influence animal behaviour, health, taste, sound, light and weather.

  • The Snapping Shrimp uses bubbles as weapons. Firing bubbles at enemies and predators which then pop and create a shock wave.

  • Soap bubbles are made from 2 thin layers of soap, with water in-between. When light waves hit the bubbles, the different layers reflect the light at slightly different rates, which creates an iridescent effect.

  • A soap film is only as thick as a single wavelength of light.

  • You can freeze bubbles, so long as the temperature is cold enough for them to freeze very quickly (Below 0).

  • When two bubbles of equal volume join together, their connecting walls will become flat due to equal pressure from both sides. By blowing a bubble in the middle of six other bubbles (2 vertical, 4 horizontal), the middle bubble will have equal pressure from six sides, creating a cube.

If you'd like to learn more about bubbles, I can highly recommend watching this documentary. It's super interesting!


Anyway, back to the yarn club! 


The Yarn


I used one of the most beautiful and well known bubbles as inspiration for the yarn; the soap bubble. With blacks and light neons, I tried to give an iridescent effect. Because of the way this yarn was dyed, some skeins have more black than colour, and some have more colour than black. And as always, whilst the yarn was all dyed in pairs, you will need to alternate skeins within a project.


The Extras 


  • A lovely handmade Prosecco lip balm. Prosecco is an incredibly popular bubbly drink, so I thought it was apt! I haven’t tried it myself, so please let me know what it’s like!

  • An iridescent bubble bead flexy marker.

  • A little bag full of clear water beads. These expand in water and are great fun for both kids and adults. You can get them in different colours, but I obviously got clear ones to look like bubbles. It may seem like there isn’t much there, but once they have expanded there's loads!

The yarn was also wrapped in bubble wrap, just  because I thought it was amusing.





I hope those who received this loved it! It arrived a little later than planned, due to post issues (and me dropping the ball with Easter), so I am still catching up with yarn clubs. April was sent out this week (early May). But I am back on track now!


I will be back in a few days with a reveal for April, which was the second instalment of Art Club, and the theme was Charles Rennie Mackintosh. I LOVE IT!!!!! And I can't wait to show you.

May's club is the second edition of Pop Culture, and the theme is Know Your Meme. I am open for sign ups and one offs, so if you are a meme fan, you can either purchase from my shop section of the website, or you can sign up for an invoice in the yarn club section of the website. I will need to close sign up soon though.


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!









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