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Lolli Club/April/Art/Charles Rennie Mackintosh

May 11, 2018



April's flavour was Art, and the theme was Charles Rennie Mackintosh. I changed my mind on the theme quite late on, because I wasn't able to find many extras for Francis Bacon. However, I have moved Francis Bacon to October, firstly because it gives me time to have things made, and secondly because he fits quite well with Halloween. 




Anyway, Mackintosh! I am a huge fan of Art Nouveau and the Arts & Crafts Movement, so Mackintosh was an obvious choice for me. 

Mackintosh was actually an architect, but was also known for his art and other design. The baby wearers amongst you will likely know of his rose design, used in Oscha baby wraps. That rose has become one of the most easily recognised Mackintosh designs.


For nearly 200 years, Japan was isolated, forbidden from trading with the rest of the world. But in 1868 (the year of Mackintosh’s birth), Japan ended its period of seclusion and began to trade with the rest of the world again. This meant that lot of artists began to be heavily influenced by Japanese art and crafts, and the Japonism movement began. Mackintosh was one of those artists, and you can see this specifically in his furniture/chair design.

He was also influenced by the curved lines of nature, which fits him neatly into the Art Nouveau style.



The Yarn.

Your yarn is inspired by the Mackintosh piece, The Wassail, which is usually displayed in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow, if you fancy seeing it in person! It is one of my favourite works of art. The Wassail shows a woman, some say it is a portrait of his wife, Margaret Macdonald. As well as lotus flowers and roses. You can also see that the curved lines and figures create a scarab beetle shape if you look closely. The colours are delicate, in an off white (sometimes yellow in some pictures, but I haven’t seen the original!), with a grassy green, some dark greys, peachy colours and a little purple.

I created the yarn in these colours, with an off white/sandy base and speckles to show the delicate colouring.




The extras.

You have two items which show the famous Mackintosh roses. One coaster, and one window sticker. I made sure that they were different styles though.

You also have a small notebook, featuring a section of The Wassail on the front. (This was the late extra, so it is in separate photos)



I hope you love everything about this club! Obviously, if the yarn or theme isn’t to your taste, you are free to sell the club in my Facebook group, I don’t mind!

If you received more than one skein, please remember to alternate skeins within your project, especially since this yarn has speckles which make it all the more unpredictable.


May's club is Pop Culture, with the theme of Know Your Meme. I've closed sign up for this, but can possibly squeeze the odd person in if you get in quick.








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