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June Lolli Club/Science/Sir Isaac Newton

July 13, 2018

July's theme was Science/ Sir Isaac Newton. We live fairly close to Woolsthorpe Manor, where he grew up and did a lot of his work. So we have a fondness for him.

He discovered far more than just gravity. But I will get into that in the next bit.






Newton discovered that colour is a property of light. He investigated the refraction of light through a prism, and as a result, he theorized that colour is the result of objects interacting with light rather than objects generating the colour themselves, which is known as Newton’s theory of colour.

I decided to use the well known image of a prism and its spectrum as inspiration for the yarn.

You have the obvious rainbow and the white, which demonstrates white light. But also some black speckles, because I didn’t want to simply leave it at that.


The Extras


So I couldn’t do a Newton club without using the obvious apple. I don’t think I need to explain that one, do I? I sent out both knitting/ring and crochet/clasp markers, but sent them randomly. So if you received one which doesn’t match your needs, feel free to swap in my group.

I also sent a Philosopher’s Stone sticker. No, this isn’t anything to do with Harry Potter (I’m not a fan!). Long before JK wrote about the philosopher’s stone, it was actually a substance “known” to alchemists for it’s capability of turning base metal into gold. It was also thought to give the power of immortality, amongst other things. Of course, I don’t believe these things, and not many modern day scientists would either. But Newton did! He actually wrote a recipe for the Philosopher’s Stone!

And the final, most useful extra, is a pair of sunglasses. The lenses are spectrum/rainbow coloured. So I thought they fitted, and they are great for this time of the year. I have a pair myself and have been wearing them in the hot weather.




I hope you loved your yarn club! Please remember to stash your yarn on Rav when you have a moment!





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