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July Lolli Club/Pop Art

September 3, 2018

July’s yarn club theme was Pop Art.

Pop Art first became popular in the late 50s and 60s. But it has very much continued to influence art ever since. The characteristics of Pop Art often include bold colours, poster style outlines, or simple stencilled images. The subject matter is often; imagery from popular culture, mundane everyday items, or political symbols.


As a lot of you will know, I don’t like to be obvious! And whilst I could have quite easily provided you with a whole club dedicated to Andy Warhol, I thought that was a bit of a cop-out. So instead, I have attempted to demonstrate that Pop Art is still thriving and relevant today, whilst also using pop artists from the original movement.


The Yarn.


The image inspiration for the yarn was actually chosen by my 7yo daughter. She chose well, I think! I used Walking On The Moon by Peter Max. The painting was created as a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon.

The painting was done in acrylic paint in black, yellow, red, purple, pink, blue and green. And the colours are very vivid.

This yarn is now available as dye to order in my shop, because I loved it so much!



The Extras.


You received a pencil with the very famous Keith Haring imagery, little wobbly type people. I believe it was untitled? Keith Haring was a classic pop artist.

A sticker with a pop art style black and white image. Everyone got something different. These stickers contained mostly iconic Pop Culture references.

A Banksy coaster. Again, everyone got something different but they were all Banksy. Because, believe it or not, Banksy is a pop artist!




I hope everyone enjoyed their Lolli Club! I have been extremely slow with clubs over the summer, but am back on my feet now.


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