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End Of Year Rambling

December 7, 2018

Looking back on 2018.


It's the end of 2018, and I can't quite believe it! This time last year I was actually building this website. I had no idea if it would be half as successful as my Etsy shop, but I had no need to worry.

It's difficult for small businesses to make the switch from a social marketplace like Etsy, to a standalone website. Etsy comes with some assurance that you will get found through searches. And a standalone website requires a lot more marketing, upkeep, and things like SEO have also been a learning curve for me. But I feel that it has paid off. And I have saved money too, because this year saw Etsy basically crap all over their users with their fees. 

I am unsure of where I will go from here with regards to this website. It is powered by Wix, and I have been very happy with the way it has worked (despite them getting a bad rap from lots of people). I don't want a Shopify website, for various reasons. But now that I kind of know what I am doing, I am tempted with a Wordpress site. We will see. I am paid up with Wix for another few months yet. 


This year has also seen some of my all time favourite colourways. I feel like I am constantly morphing my style and improving. I might have settled on something I feel very comfortable with (Betty style, messy and over speckled). But I will continue to provide a range of styles, don't worry!



And this year I did my very first advent box! It was the hardest thing I have had to do since starting my business. Nobody could have prepared me for the work and money that went into it. As an anxious person, I have to say that I did not enjoy it one bit! But the feedback and photos I've received this last week have made it all worth it. And I have decided that I will be doing it again next year. It will require an earlier sign up and far fewer options though, I'm afraid! Keep an eye on my Facebook for more information next year.


Looking forward to 2019!


Firstly, I really need to get a move on and make some decisions about yarn clubs for next year. I will be continuing with Lurid Minis, since it's still going really strong and we are well into our 2nd year now! But I want to think of ways to shake it up a little bit. 

Lolli Club themes may change.....Pop Culture was a bit of a wash out, and only had people buying when they knew the theme (although Kawaii was my single most popular theme this year). With that in mind....I am contemplating switching Pop Culture to simple Kawaii. I will need to have a really good brainstorm though. 

Science will carry on, because everyone bloody loves it! I am undecided with Art. 


Also this year, I went to Nottingham Yarn Expo as a customer. And I have to say, I was extremely impressed. It is pretty close to me, and it has made me reconsider my "no shows" rule. So I will be applying for the 2019 NYE show......whether I get accepted or not is another matter. But keep an eye out for any announcements from me. 


Some Last Bits.


I am currently pretty backed up with orders and yarn clubs. But I am hoping to be up to date within a few days, and then I hope to do a seasonal restock of the website. Last postage days will be added below, so please check them before ordering if you were hoping to get something before Christmas. 



I plan on writing another blog post before Christmas, so keep an eye on my social media. 












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