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Netflix & Stitch: Vol 1

January 18, 2019

I watch a lot of television, and TV often goes hand in hand with knitting, so I thought I'd start a blog series dedicated to talking about what I've been watching! 


No, it won't all be Netflix shows. It just seemed like an amusing title. I'll likely be giving a review of my favourite recent watch, and then a rundown of other things I've been watching. But I might end up giving more reviews if I've really enjoyed more than one show....or really hated something!



Sex Education


So, this week I've been watching Sex Education, which is on Netflix. Gillian Anderson plays a sex therapist. Her teenage son, Otis, has problems with.....ummmm..... masturbation. Not the problems you'd expect a teenage boy to have though. In spite of his own "issues", he is persuaded to open a teenage sex clinic, by the school misfit and bad girl; Maeve. 


I originally decided to watch it because I do like Gillian Anderson. But whilst her character is great, she doesn't play a large role. 

The main thing that struck me about the show was the ambiguous era. At first, I had no idea when (in time) the show was set! The music, clothing, and decor seemed to suggest late 80s. And it wasn't until someone used a mobile phone that I realised that it was modern day. This is something Netflix seem to be doing lately, with their modern Sabrina being very 50s style. 


The characters are actually all quite likeable, but I mainly found myself falling in love with Otis's best friend, Eric. He has a really hard time of it, but blossoms into an awesome human being towards the end of the series. 


When the last episode ended, I was really sad. I loved it and I hope they plan on making more, because it's got so much potential for more seasons. It's like Skins, but so much funnier.... And better.... And definitely more suitable for adults. 


Also worth watching:


Damned; Channel 4/All4. Comedy with Jo Brand and Alan Davies, about social workers. 


Better Things; Season 1 on BBC iPlayer (there is a season 2, but not currently available in the UK). American comedy about a single mother working as an actress. 


Bros Documentary; BBC iPlayer..... Ok it's not a series. It's not strictly comedy, but it's so funny!!! 


Shows I'm excited about!


New year brings new seasons of old shows, yay!!! 


Obviously Peaky Blinders returns this year, after they made us wait so long. This is easily my favourite TV show. I am so in love with Tommy Shelby..... Not Cillian Murphy, but the actual character! Yes, I realise that is quite sad.... But I don't care! I know I'm not the only one!


Game Of Thrones will also be making a return. Honestly, I'm a bit "meh" about GoT now. But I'll still watch it. I'm sure I'll get back into it. 


There is a new season of Fresh Off The Boat. This isn't currently available in the UK, but I believe it will be this year. The other seasons are on Amazon Prime. It is well worth a watch. 


And new episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine will be coming to Netflix this month! Wooohoooo!




Ok, I think that'll do for now. This is only a tiny fraction of what I I intended to write about, but it's getting late. I am hoping to make this a regular thing. I have all the opinions on television! I am also feeling the urge to write an extensive list of my favourite shows (and I mean extensive.... It's a long one!). 


You know where to come when you are stuck for something to watch. 

It's worth noting though, I do not have Sky or Virgin. I'd rather pay out for on demand TV than pay extortionate rates for channels I won't watch. So you will mostly be getting Netflix, Amazon Prime, and the usual on demand. 



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