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Netflix & Stitch: Vol 2

February 19, 2019


The second edition of Netflix & Stitch is pretty long!, because I have been unwell on and off since the beginning of the year, I've ended up watching a lot of TV! Not so much knitting, because I lost my knitting mojo, but I did manage a few hexipuffs! 


What I've been watching.


Anyway, the major "wow" show that I've watched this month is Russian Doll, on Netflix. I'm so conscious of not giving out spoilers, so I won't say too much. Natasha Lyonne has been one of my favourite actors since American Pie. I mean, let's face it, she made that movie watchable! Her character in Orange Is The New Black is one of my favourites (along with Boo!). So this was a must watch for me. And it didn't disappoint at all. 

The loose storyline is that it's her birthday, and she keeps reliving it. But that's all I'll say. It's hilarious and dark. And obviously superbly created and acted by Natasha. If you love weird and funny, with a dysfunctional but lovable lead character, you definitely need to watch. 


We've also watched the second season of Friends From College (Netflix). It's pretty light hearted most of the time, but it covers some heavy subjects. It's worth a binge watch if you haven't seen season 1, just for Fred Savage's character (The Wonder Years). 


We've just started watching Umbrella Academy (Netflix again, sorry we like to get our moneys worth!). We're only 3 episodes in. I'm definitely enjoying it, but I'm not utterly blown away. It is very good, but I've seen a lot better recently, so I think it just pales in comparison. 


Ok, I'll give you an Amazon Prime, since I've been Netflix heavy so far. I whizzed through New Amsterdam in less than a week. If you're into medical dramas, then this is definitely the show for you. It's quite similar to The Resident, in that a lot of the story lines are about medical insurance in the US (and lack of). I suppose that's an important subject in the US though. That kind of thing is fascinating to me, as someone who benefits from the NHS, so I love it. Amazon stopped short of 2 episodes though, I think we have to wait until March for the last of the season. 


And I've also watched 2 episodes of Safe Harbour on BBC iPlayer. It's an Australian drama, and I absolutely love Aussie TV at the moment. One of the main characters is played by Ewan Leslie, who was in the BBC drama The Cry. It's about a group of friends who go out on their boat and come across a distressed boat full of asylum seekers. It flits between present day and 5 years ago. It's quite a heavy watch, and for my own mental health I have given it a rest in favour of re-watching Fleabag (I'll come to that in a minute!), But I will definitely get it finished soon. I believe there are only 4 episodes. 


What I'm excited about.


Baptiste premiered on the BBC this week. It's a spin off of The Missing, involving Baptiste, the lead detective from the show. It looks really good and I will update on my next blog post.


Fleabag season 2!!! It's been almost 3 years since season 1 first aired on BBC. We've been teased with a season 2, but they've sure taken their time making it. It is now officially coming back at the beginning of March. If you haven't watched it, season 1 is on the iPlayer now. It's rude, and it's hilarious. But it's also got a super dark undertone. 


Good Girls will be returning in March, but I'm not sure if that's just US, or whether we will get it on Netflix after it's aired over there. I hope we don't have to wait too long. I'm still waiting on the new Schitts Creek to arrive on our shores. 


The BBC are also keeping us waiting with an air date for new Peaky Blinders, but it will be in spring or early summer, according to various websites. I'm stalking their social media though! 


I hope I've given you some ideas for things to watch with your WIP. If you want to tell me what you've been watching, you can hop over to my Instagram where I've put a post up (the same photo as this blog post, to make it easier for you to find). Happy knitting/hooking! 




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