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Netflix & Stitch: GoT Edition

April 4, 2019

This month's Netflix & Stitch is taking a trip to Westeros! We obviously haven't seen the new and final season of Game Of Thrones yet, it isn't due for release until 14th/15th (depending on country). But some yarnies (including myself), are preparing for a KAL to coincide with season 8.


I have no idea what will be happening in the new season, but one thing is for sure....there will be death....surely? The very clever Mary Claire Reynolds has devised a plan to knit along with the episode and use the characters as a colour scheme. You can find the You Win Or You Die KAL for free on Ravelry, and there is also a group here.


The basic idea is more of a concept than a pattern, think "Temperature blanket". You can make whatever you fancy, there is no pattern attached to this. Each character has a colour assigned to them and when a character dies, you remove that colour from your work! It's totally up to you and you can make it as easy or as hard as you like!



My plans


So I have decided to use DK yarn, and I will be making a wrap. My wrap will be the shape of my Backslash scarf, or the Flying Fringe.


Each episode will contain each chosen character (I'll get to that in a minute!), and each episode will be separated by a grey row....or two, I'm undecided!

Every time a character dies, I will signify this with a black strip, and remove their colour from future rows. 


With regard to characters, there are a lot if you count them all. And to be honest, I can only be bothered to dye and plan for around 13 or 14 colours, so I have the job of choosing which characters to use. This might be hard! I haven't even attempted that part in the plan yet. 


I think I will also need to take notes, since my partner and I enjoy watching it in bed and I won't be able to knit along with the actual episode.


I will keep updating this blog as and when I change my mind or add to the plans. I might even do a fresh blog post with progress, and you can keep up with my progress on Instagram. 

If you are taking part, I cannot wait to see it! I'm mostly excited to see what other people come up with! 


Game Of Thrones is viewable in the UK on Sky Atlantic or Now TV. We don't actually have either of those, so I think I need a Now TV account just for GoT! I believe they have a 7 day free trial and there are 6 episodes, so if you are happy to wait until the whole thing has aired, you would watch them all in one go.


There will be a proper Netflix & Stitch blog coming tomorrow, with info on what I've been watching recently. 




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