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Information about your privacy when using my services.

The safety of your information is paramount to me. I have a strict privacy policy, because I too am a consumer and I can't stand unsolicited mail. Here I will explain to you what information I collect, why I collect it (What it's used for), how long I keep it for, where it is stored (including any 3rd parties involved, these are all marked as "3rd parties), and your rights with regards to your own information.

New Log In/Member Function:

As all payments go through PayPal, I do not personally store any of your card or bank information in you "wallet" section. 

As with regular ordering without an account, I only store your order information (within the Wix server). 

My advice to you is that you log in using your Google account or Facebook account, this means that it bypasses me. I won't be given any of your passwords. Those are still stored with Google or Facebook.

If you have any queries, please contact me. This is a new feature and I will be learning about it as it is used.

Which information do I collect?:

The data I collect is; your email address, your name, and the delivery address given at point of ordering. I do not personally store any bank or card details, since all transactions go through PayPal.

Why do I need this information and how is it used?

I use your email address to send invoices for yarn clubs (if applicable), and to contact you regarding your order.

I do have a mailing list, and I only use your email address for this (should you subscribe). This is an opt in only mailing list. You need to use the form at the bottom of my website in order to receive mail from me. You are not automatically subscibed if you purchase from me.

Your name is used solely for order or contact purposes (For instance, your address label).

Your address is only ever used to send you goods purchased or won. 

I do not collect  or use data/names from my Facebook page likes or my Facebook group members, with the exception of giveaways. Giveaway information is deleted/discarded after use. 

How your data is stored: 

All of your data is stored on private devices which are protected by password or finger print (in the case of my fancy phone!). These devices are not shared. 

If you use a sign up form for yarn club or pre-order, then your email address and name are stored in a private Google Sheets (3rd party)  spreadsheet. These spreadsheets are only kept for the duration of the yarn club/order, and are then deleted. All of my sheets are password protected. 

Your order/payment details are stored with PayPal (3rd party). The only information PayPal provides me is: Your registered email address, your registered delivery address, and your name or business name (for business accounts). I do not have access to any of your bank or card details through PayPal, please refer to PayPal's privacy policy if you have any issues that end.

I store customer addresses for future use with my Royal Mail (3rd party) account. This is routinely cleared off, with the exception of regular customers who receive yarn clubs or make regular orders.

My website is powered by Wix. Your order information such as your name, address and email address are all stored within my Wix account. Again, I do not handle credit or debit card information through my Wix website.

I use Mailchimp for my email campaigns. So if you sign up to my mailing list, your email address is stored with them.

I have a Gmail (3rd party) email account, where I store all correspondence with customers, and order details. 

I will never share your information with anybody other than the 3rd parties listed in my policy. I do not ever sell customer information.

Because I used to use Etsy  (3rd party) for my sales, I keep old order information on my Etsy account. These orders date from around January 2015, to around November 2017.  These are only kept for accounts purposes, and I no longer use Etsy as a sales platform.

All of my accounts including PayPal, Royal Mail, and Google accounts, are strictly password protected. And the passwords are routinely changed.

How long do I keep your information?

All yarn club sign up data is wiped from Google Sheets after the yarn club has completed, or individual customer details are removed from the sheet if they choose to stop receiving the club.

I keep order emails for up to one year in my Gmail account, after that they are deleted (this currently includes old Etsy transactions, but after 1/1/2019, these will also be wiped). 

I keep Wix and Etsy order information for 6 financial years, as per accounts regulations.

I keep your subscribed email address until you choose to unsubscribe, or until I choose to cease sending email marketing.

Your rights:

You have a "Right To Be Forgotten", which means that I must remove your information at your request, not just "unsubscribe" you. If you think that I may be storing your information unnecessarily, and you wish to be forgotten by me, please contact me using my contact tab or email me on You can also unsubscibe to my mailing list using the link at the bottom of any newsletter. Once you have done this, your email address will be wiped from my records.

As stated above, I do need to keep order details, this is classed as "lawful use", and I cannot remove them from my records. I do delete old/unused yarn club information after use, and once/if you leave an ongoing yarn club, you are removed from  the spreadsheet.

In the unlikely event of a data breach:

I do not store vast amounts of data, and I am a relatively small operation. However, should I be subject to a data breach, I will contact all affected persons. 

If you have any further questions, I am an open book and am happy to discuss your privacy with you.  Please use my contact form or email address

By ordering from my website, Google forms (in the case of yarn clubs), or through email/PayPal invoice, you are choosing to agree with my privacy policy. This does not affect your right to be forgotten.

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